Our writing team consists of professionals from the health and welfare sectors. They write articles on various topics related to health and welfare. The articles are written for the general audience and employers to understand the importance of a good health and welfare program in a company.

Submission requirements

You need to make sure that the article is original and doesn’t have any plagiarism issues. The article must be related to health and welfare.

You will have to agree that we will retain the intellectual property rights of your work. You won’t be able to reproduce your work and submit it elsewhere without our permission.


You should have a captivating title for your article. Your article must have an introduction, body, and conclusion. You should write in short paragraphs. The sentences should be short too. Avoid using long and complex sentences that the readers might find hard to read or understand.

For better understanding, you can include one or two links to the authority sites. But you shouldn’t include any link for promotional purposes. You should research well before writing an article. Make sure that none of the topics are repeated. So, go through our blog first to see what kinds of articles have already been posted. You should limit your article to 1,000 words.

We appreciate using images with your article. We believe that it attracts the readers more. You should make sure that there is no copyright issue concerning the images that you include in the article. You should write a short author bio along with the article.

Once you submit the article, it will remain on our archive for a long time. We will promote your article on social media. You will get good exposure as a writer by writing for us. So, don’t miss this opportunity. We hope to hear from you soon.