One mistake most of us do is that we go to the doctor only when we suffer from illness. This is a very bad habit. We all should go on regular checkup for at least twice a year to find out about the condition of our health.  Many hospitals now offer different packages for a regular health checkup. Here are the reasons why regular checkup is important.

Detect problems earlier

By doing a regular checkup, it is possible to detect if you have a risk of any serious illness. This increases the chance of treatment. In the case of some diseases, like cancer, early diagnosis is crucial. If cancer is detected in stage 1 then the chance of survival is 100%, but if it is detected in stage 2, then the survival rate decreases to 93%.

During regular checkups, doctors ask you to do a blood test. Diseases like cancer, diabetes, anemia, AIDS,  high blood pressure, etc. show up in the blood test results. The blood test can even evaluate whether your kidney, liver, heart, and thyroid are functioning well or not.

Regular dental and eye checkups are also important. Your dental and eye condition may deteriorate over time if not treated earlier.

Check progression of diseases

If you already have a disease, then the progression of the disease can be tracked through regular checkup. For example, if you ever had a stroke or heart attack, then it is important to do regular checkup so that it doesn’t recur. Patients with diabetes and high blood pressure also need a regular checkup to see if the sugar level or blood pressure is in control.

Lower healthcare costs

If a disease is diagnosed at an early stage then the healthcare cost will be lower. If you do a regular checkup,  then your illness will be detected earlier and you won’t have to go through complicated treatments like surgery. So, you actually save money in the long run.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

When you visit the doctor for a regular checkup, the doctor can advise you about diet and exercise. The doctor may ask you to quit bad habits like smoking or drinking alcohol. You will know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When you go for a health checkup, the doctor will go through your history to find out if anyone in your family had certain diseases. There are some illnesses, like diabetes, that can happen to people if someone in their family had it. The healthcare costs are rising. So, by doing regular health checkup you can lower the healthcare costs.