If you have a business related to health and welfare then you can advertise on our blog. Our blog is very popular as there are not many blogs in this niche. People visit this blog to learn about their rights as an employee. They also want to learn about various health issues. This blog is targeted at employers, employees and the general audience.

We offer a number of advertising options for our clients. You can pick multiple options. We can also create a customized solution for you. Here are the options we have.

Banner Ads

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Sponsored posts

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Newsletter Ads

We send monthly newsletters to our subscribers. We have slots for placing ads in our newsletter. It is a great option because there is a high chance that the readers will see your ads and visit your website to learn more about your brand.


We arrange workshops, seminars, and contests throughout the year. You can sponsor those events. Our workshops and seminars are attended by a lot of people. So, a lot of people will know about your brand.

We have limited advertising slots. So, if you are interested you should book early. You can request us for a free quote. For further information, please contact us.