The government offers various benefits for the senior citizens. As people become old, their ability to work becomes limited. There is an age limit for every job. As life expectancy has increased, the senior people need to have the financial capability to lead a comfortable life after retirement.

Many people save for their retirement from an early age. Many jobs have retirement funds. The government of different countries provides certain benefits for its senior citizens. However, some countries have taken extra steps to ensure a better life for the seniors.

  1. In Brunei, you don’t even need to become a senior citizen to avail the welfare programs. The government provides free education, health care, and housing needs. Moreover, there is no tax. Senior citizens also get a pension every month. So, if you live in Brunei, you won’t have any financial difficulty at an old age.
  2. Hong Kong offers Day Care Centers for senior citizens. This welfare program is eligible for those who don’t have a full-time caregiver. So, the senior citizens can have a good time at the Day Care Center. They will mix with others of the same age, enjoy various activities, etc.
  3. Usually, once you turn 60 or 65, you cannot work. It is the age limit in most countries. But in Indonesia, things are a little different. Here, the government encourages senior citizens to remain active and join the workforce even beyond the age of 65. This way, the senior people stay active and happy. They suffer less from depression or other mental issues.
  4. Technology is very advanced in Japan. Robots are used to take care of elderly people. The seniors can easily interact with these humanoid robots. There are apps that can locate people who are suffering from dementia.
  5. In 2014, about 450,000 Singaporeans got the Pioneer Generation Package. It covers their lifetime healthcare costs. Those who qualified for the scheme were of age 64 years or older. The Passion Silver Card was launched recently by the government that provides discounted fares in public transport, shops, etc. Those who are of age 60 and above qualify for this card.
  6. The government of Sri Lanka provides fixed deposits for senior citizens. They have recently improved its limits. The interest rate on this fixed deposit has also been increased to 15%. Those who are more than 70 years old can reimburse their medical expenses.

These countries have set an example of how the government can help senior citizens to lead a better life. Other counties can also adopt these programs and improve the lives of the senior people.