The Principality of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is a sovereign country that lies between the Mediterranean Sea and the low foothills of the Alps, on the French Riviera. On the shores of the blue coast, this small country seduces by its elegance, its architecture, its reliefs and its impressive landscapes trimmed by endless turquoise waters.

Then, 10 must-sees on a trip to this sophisticated destination:

1. Monte Carlo Casino
The Beaux Arts style building was built in 1879 by the architect Charles Garnier, who also designed the Paris Opera. Beyond the games of chance, the complex also includes the Grand Theater of Monte Carlo, an opera house and a ballet house that can be seen on a Monaco tour with a luxury car.

2. Larvotto Beach
Located on the Costa Azul, it is the most important seaside resort in Monaco. It is a typical Mediterranean beach, a bay with warm and calm waters surrounded by luxury hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy fish and seafood.

3. Historic Monaco-Ville
This walled enclosure is an Architectural Cultural Heritage of Monaco. It is one of the four traditional districts of Monaco, along with La Condamine, Montecarlo and Fontvieille. There are the Royal Palace, the Oceanographic Museum and the Cathedral.

4. Grimaldi Palace
Although it was founded in 1191 as a Genoese fortress, today it is the official residence of the Prince of Monaco. The most notable spaces of the building are the Patio de honor (where the prince makes his ceremonial appearances) and the state rooms or official rococo-style halls.

5. Oceanographic Museum of Monaco
Inaugurated in 1910 on a cliff above the sea, it is an important marine science museum. The building houses an aquarium and a remarkable collection of marine fauna species such as stars, horses and sea urchins, turtles, jellyfish, lobsters, rays, sharks and eels, among many others.

6. St. Nicholas Cathedral
Built between 1875 and 1911, it is distinguished by its monumental neo-Romanesque facade. Inside, the altarpiece of the 1500 stands out, representing the patron saint of the cathedral, San Nicolás, La Piedad and the Annunciation, like Apex luxury car hire in Munich.

7. Exotic Garden of Monaco
It is a botanical garden that houses many succulent plants, especially cacti, from various arid areas of the five continents. In addition to exotic species and panoramic views of the city, there is a grotto with stalagmites and stalactites and an anthropology museum.

8. Les Perles de Monte-Carlo
Opened in an old oyster farm, it is one of the most emblematic restaurants in Monte Carlo. A small and cozy place, with mollusks and tasty seafood and always fresh to have lunch looking at the sea.

9. Terrasses de Fontvieille
For car enthusiasts, here are around 100 vehicles that make up the collection of Prince Rainier. Among other gems, there is a Dion Bouton of 1903, a Lotus F1 of 2013 and racing cars of the Monte Carlo Rally and the Monaco Grand Prix.

10. The Rascasse
To know the night of Monaco, nothing like enjoying the dance and the cocktails of one of its most important clubs. Different tracks and live music are some of the attractions of this luxury album.


6 Ways to Improve your Health

Good health is a gift. Someone who is ill will understand the importance of good health. Before it’s too late we should take care of our health. Here are some of the ways to improve our health.

Reduce stress

In this busy world, we have to do a lot of work simultaneously. Going to work, taking care of children, doing household chores, maintaining relationships, etc. can be very stressful. Stress is one of the main reasons why some of the major diseases like heart attacks occur. Diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. are also caused due to stress.

Your immune system gets weak when you are stressed. So, you should reduce stress. You can exercise, socialize, and do things you like to reduce your stress level and be happy.

Proper nutrition

We often eat unhealthily and junk food. We should avoid these foods and eat healthy foods instead. You should be careful about your intake of salt and sugar. You should include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Eat whole grain and fibrous foods. Limit your intake of fats.

Maintain good hygiene

You should prepare and store food properly. Before preparing meals you should wash your hands, dishes, utensils, and countertops with soapy water. You should refrigerate food properly so that you can eat it later. Before eating vegetables or fruits, you should wash them properly to remove any dirt.

Sleep well

An adult should get about 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. If you don’t sleep well, you will feel tired and you might have various health issues. Children should get 10 or more hours of sleep; otherwise, it will affect their growth.

Use safe water supply

Drinking clean water is very important for health. In many developing and underdeveloped countries, the water is not clean. Drinking water may get contaminated due to flood, pipe break, storm, etc. In such case always boil water and then filter it before drinking.

Stay physically active

One of the best ways to stay healthy is to stay physically active. It will help you to have strong bones and muscles. It will lower your chances of having heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. It will also prevent depression and help you sleep well.

Your health is under your control. If you don’t maintain a good diet, exercise, reduce stress, stay active, and maintain good hygiene, you will fall sick easily. Your health will deteriorate and you will lead an unhappy life.


7 Employee Benefits Scheme that must be included in your Company

Only a good salary is not enough to retain good employees. You must give them benefits so that they become more dedicated to their work and feel good about working in your company.

Apart from the regular benefits of medical coverage, insurance, and retirement benefits, many companies today provide extra benefits as well. Here are the employee benefits you should include in your company.

Flexible working hours

In today’s technologically advanced world it is not necessary to sit on the office desk all the time to work. People can now work from anywhere, even when they are traveling. So, you should offer flexible working hours. You can also allow your workers to work from home. This way your employee’s productivity will increase.

In today’s busy world, both parents work most of the time. So, taking care of children and family becomes very challenging. By offering flexible working hours or working from home opportunities, it is possible to retain employees.

Maternity and paternity leave

During childbirth, both parents need some time to adjust to their new life and take care of the child. So, the company should offer appropriate maternity and paternity leave.

Lactation support

Moms need to feed their babies. So, there should be a separate room for lactating mothers so that they can take some time off to pump their milk on a bottle or breastfeed their baby.

Medical coverage

Healthcare costs are very high now. The companies can provide some medical coverage for the employees and their immediate family members. This will help the employees in getting treatment at a lower cost. It will increase employee morale as well.

Insurance policy

Companies can provide various types of insurance policies. Life insurance policy can be beneficial for the employees for supporting their family when they are gone. There can be policies for disabled employees.

Retirement funds

Many employees will be happy if the company provides retirement funds. It is an automatic saving that can be very useful after retirement. The company usually contributes to the fund along with the employees.

Extra payment for overtime

Extra payment must be provided if an employee works overtime. However, overtime shouldn’t be encouraged. The right practice should be to finish all the works on time. Otherwise, more people will work overtime unnecessary just to get the extra pay.

The more perks you offer to your employees, the turnover rate will be lower. These benefits indicate that you care for your employees. So, these benefit schemes must be incorporated in your company policy.


4 Ways you can Prevent HIV/AIDS

We always hear the news about how many people are infected with HIV and what the government or community is doing to prevent it. We see campaigns, seminars, etc. taking place to make people aware of the dreadful effect of HIV.

The reason everyone is so concerned about this disease is that if steps are not taking earlier, it cannot be cured. Moreover, it can spread to other people also.

HIV is a virus that destroys the immune cells. So, the body loses the capacity to fight infections. If it is not prevented or treated earlier, then it can progress to AIDS. This is a stage when the immune system is damaged seriously. The survival rate is very low in this case.

HIV spreads through the contact of blood, semen, rectal fluids, and vaginal fluids. It can also spread from the breast milk of the infected person. So, if the mother has HIV, the child can have it too through breastfeeding. In most cases, the virus is spread through unsafe sex and injecting of drugs. Here are the ways you can prevent HIV/AIDS.

Practicing safe sex

As HIV spreads through bodily fluids, you should practice safe sex. You should use a condom all the time. Make sure you wear it properly so that it doesn’t come out or break. You should also limit having sex with fewer partners. Before having sex, it is better to get your partner tested for HIV. That way, you will reduce the chance of having HIV.

Not sharing needles

Many people take drugs using needles. This is very risky. Sharing needles increases the chance of having HIV. Even when in hospitals, blood samples should be taken using fresh needles. Make sure that the hospital staff is not using a used needle. Even when piercing or tattoo, you should make sure that a clean and sterilized needle is used.

Taking medications

There are certain medications that can reduce your chances of having HIV. If you think your partner may be HIV positive, then you can take prophylaxis so that you don’t have HIV.

Testing during pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you should get tested for HIV. If you have HIV, it is likely that your child will have it too. Even breastfeeding the baby can spread HIV to your child. There are medicines available that can help prevent this virus get into your child’s body.

You should get tested for HIV if you think you have practiced unsafe sex or used a needle. If it is detected earlier, you will have a better chance of survival.


4 Reasons to get a Regular Health Checkup

One mistake most of us do is that we go to the doctor only when we suffer from illness. This is a very bad habit. We all should go on regular checkup for at least twice a year to find out about the condition of our health.  Many hospitals now offer different packages for a regular health checkup. Here are the reasons why regular checkup is important.

Detect problems earlier

By doing a regular checkup, it is possible to detect if you have a risk of any serious illness. This increases the chance of treatment. In the case of some diseases, like cancer, early diagnosis is crucial. If cancer is detected in stage 1 then the chance of survival is 100%, but if it is detected in stage 2, then the survival rate decreases to 93%.

During regular checkups, doctors ask you to do a blood test. Diseases like cancer, diabetes, anemia, AIDS,  high blood pressure, etc. show up in the blood test results. The blood test can even evaluate whether your kidney, liver, heart, and thyroid are functioning well or not.

Regular dental and eye checkups are also important. Your dental and eye condition may deteriorate over time if not treated earlier.

Check progression of diseases

If you already have a disease, then the progression of the disease can be tracked through regular checkup. For example, if you ever had a stroke or heart attack, then it is important to do regular checkup so that it doesn’t recur. Patients with diabetes and high blood pressure also need a regular checkup to see if the sugar level or blood pressure is in control.

Lower healthcare costs

If a disease is diagnosed at an early stage then the healthcare cost will be lower. If you do a regular checkup,  then your illness will be detected earlier and you won’t have to go through complicated treatments like surgery. So, you actually save money in the long run.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

When you visit the doctor for a regular checkup, the doctor can advise you about diet and exercise. The doctor may ask you to quit bad habits like smoking or drinking alcohol. You will know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When you go for a health checkup, the doctor will go through your history to find out if anyone in your family had certain diseases. There are some illnesses, like diabetes, that can happen to people if someone in their family had it. The healthcare costs are rising. So, by doing regular health checkup you can lower the healthcare costs.


6 Countries providing excellent Benefits for the Senior Citizens

The government offers various benefits for the senior citizens. As people become old, their ability to work becomes limited. There is an age limit for every job. As life expectancy has increased, the senior people need to have the financial capability to lead a comfortable life after retirement.

Many people save for their retirement from an early age. Many jobs have retirement funds. The government of different countries provides certain benefits for its senior citizens. However, some countries have taken extra steps to ensure a better life for the seniors.

  1. In Brunei, you don’t even need to become a senior citizen to avail the welfare programs. The government provides free education, health care, and housing needs. Moreover, there is no tax. Senior citizens also get a pension every month. So, if you live in Brunei, you won’t have any financial difficulty at an old age.
  2. Hong Kong offers Day Care Centers for senior citizens. This welfare program is eligible for those who don’t have a full-time caregiver. So, the senior citizens can have a good time at the Day Care Center. They will mix with others of the same age, enjoy various activities, etc.
  3. Usually, once you turn 60 or 65, you cannot work. It is the age limit in most countries. But in Indonesia, things are a little different. Here, the government encourages senior citizens to remain active and join the workforce even beyond the age of 65. This way, the senior people stay active and happy. They suffer less from depression or other mental issues.
  4. Technology is very advanced in Japan. Robots are used to take care of elderly people. The seniors can easily interact with these humanoid robots. There are apps that can locate people who are suffering from dementia.
  5. In 2014, about 450,000 Singaporeans got the Pioneer Generation Package. It covers their lifetime healthcare costs. Those who qualified for the scheme were of age 64 years or older. The Passion Silver Card was launched recently by the government that provides discounted fares in public transport, shops, etc. Those who are of age 60 and above qualify for this card.
  6. The government of Sri Lanka provides fixed deposits for senior citizens. They have recently improved its limits. The interest rate on this fixed deposit has also been increased to 15%. Those who are more than 70 years old can reimburse their medical expenses.

These countries have set an example of how the government can help senior citizens to lead a better life. Other counties can also adopt these programs and improve the lives of the senior people.


6 Ways Senior Centers can help the Society

The overall life expectancy of people has increased. Now people can expect to live for about twenty years even after retirement. You should enjoy every phase of your life.

Growing old doesn’t mean that you will have to give up a lot of things or restrict yourself from things you enjoy doing. In fact, you should continuously look for ways to stay active and do the things you like to do.

Communities should set up senior centers so that the aging people can have a better life. Here are the ways senior centers can help society.

Organize volunteer programs

The aging population is more than the young population. This ratio is alarming. Seniors can be given the opportunities to do volunteer works. This way some of the works can be done by the seniors, while the young population can focus on other important works.

The seniors can serve the community and also stay active. By doing volunteer works they will get the opportunity to mix with other people and socialize.

Keep seniors healthy

The senior centers provide exercise facilities for the senior people. Cooking classes, swimming, blood pressure checks, blood sugar checks, etc. are also organized by the senior centers. These opportunities will help the seniors in the community to stay healthy, maintain a balanced diet and enjoy their time.

Provide home maintenances

Senior centers provide home repair and seasonal care services for the senior people. This will help the senior people to lead a comfortable life. It will keep them tension free and help them stay longer in the house. Regular home maintenance will reduce the chances of any big repair work that can be costly.

Provide transportation services

Senior centers can provide transportation services to the seniors. This will help them to move around, go to the grocery store, attend social events. If special transportation cannot be arranged then these centers provide bus tickets.

Arrange various events

The senior centers can arrange various fun events like sports day, gardening day, etc. so that the senior people can enjoy some time with others. A vacation can be arranged for them as well. They get the chance to socialize and make new friends.

Have a library

As you age, it is important to exercise your brain. The senior centers can have a library where the senior people can spend some quality time reading books, magazines, etc. They can also borrow books and take them home.

If you are a senior person, then you should get involved in the various programs offered by your local senior center. If there is no senior center in your neighborhood then you should sit with other senior people and decide to have a senior center so that you all can lead to a healthy old life. A senior center is very resourceful and can promote healthy aging.